For some people, feeling lonely is not an option. The feeling comes, just like that. Uninvited. Sometimes, for no reason.

They can feel lonely at any time.
Maybe in the crowd,
When they do what they like,
Even when with loved ones.

It just happens.

For them, feeling lonely was not an option. Happiness isn't always an option either. Lonely and sad, just come. Even when they knew they should be happy.

But, such people are often invisible. Like a green lizard in the middle of the foliage. They were too used to the lonely feeling that came out of the blue. Until you know how to deal with it. Until they know how to live with it.

Although there are times when loneliness must be faced. By withdrawing for a moment. By snuffing. And talk to yourself.

For others who don't experience it, this may be difficult to understand. But it's okay. Not everything needs to be explained to others, does it?